29 May 2006

25 canvasses ready for my 30 days...

Each canvas measures 27 x 27cm.
You can see that 4 of them have been gesso'd already. I meant to photograph them before I began with the gesso, but in my eagerness I forgot.

Someone recently told me that they like the way my sewn canvasses look just the way they are, that I shouldn't paint them. And funnily enough I have been thinking the same thing.
However, these are slated for painting experiments on 30dayartist in June, and I mean to see that through.
Later perhaps I will make more & leave them raw...


ming said...

looking good!:)

Coco said...

good foundation.

I like the raw canvas themselves, but also like painted ones, too(I checked out your previous posts)

After seeing your work, I wanted to convine my embroidery/beads work with my painting. So I am reinventing some of the textile work I did during 30dayartist. To convine both my interests is such a joy, thanks verna.

Have you tried fabric dye before ? They can be used like watercolours, so you do not need to prime the canvas.

C x