11 October 2007

A Tree for Mother

So, mom wants a painting, but doesn't really jive with the city/abstract stuff.
Therefore I am trying to make her a little landscape of sorts.
Here is the stitched, stretched canvas:

I am pleasantly surprised to find that the stitching lends itself very well to organic shapes. This idea seems self-evident now - all those little threads and uneven bits of the canvas cut & torn, of course! - but sometimes the eyes of the painter are blind to concepts right under the nose.

Funny, because I have tried landscapes from time to time over the years & have never felt that any of them were very successful, but now suddenly with this sewing technique, I am feeling excited about perhaps having finally found a way to do it well!

The painting has begun, and this is where they are at so far:

Haha - don't worry, mom, the colours will be toned down a bit in the end. Getting some bright hues underneath it all helps the colour to glow in the finished painting...

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