19 February 2008

continuing along....

The drying time of oil drives me crazy!

None of the following paintings are finished, but I wanted to post something, because I have been working away and even though it seems that nothing is happening, all these layers do contribute to the finished end product.
I must remind myself of this.
The beginning is always very fast and exciting, and the end is usually fast and a bit surprising - and then there is the long stretch in the middle......

Pattern Recognition
oil on stitched canvas
66 x 66"
this one's getting quite close...

Yesterday Morning in the City
oil on stitched canvas
23"h x 46"w
this one is in a bleah! phase - patience and dilligence required.

Another Sunrise
oil on stitched canvas
29.5"h x 66"w
this one is just beginning to fumble its way out the the bleah.

oil on stitched canvas
26"h x 28"w
this one is lost, but I have some ideas on how to find it again.... stay tuned.

oil on stitched canvas
26"h x 28"w
this one is not outwardly exciting yet - but deep within there is great potential and an idea forms in my mind...

Someone told me once:
"the preparation of the canvas requires time and patience - the painting should be done quickly"

Ha. I wish.
Just because the paintings are abstract does not mean they are thrown off, slapped down onto the canvas without contemplation or struggle...!

But that is my way. Tedious, yes - but in my opinion, worth the labour.

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