09 December 2008

continuing along....

A photo I took several weeks ago:

And a few photos I took this evening:

I like those arched shapes (above), haven't used them in awhile - had almost forgotten about the simple but exciting dynamic of the humble arch!

And I love how the other two (below) are coming along! Just added the blues tonight - cobalt on the square one and pthalo on the long skinny. Plan is to do a night-city on the long one, dark sky and glowing buildings...

Progression of colour for the square one:

In fact colours are like people, aren't they: all different, and all changing depending on the colours next to them. Some are more compatible than others, and some you would think are just plain ugly, no two ways about it - but then you put that ugly colour in a different place and voilâ, it becomes beautiful! And some beautiful colours become very ugly in the wrong place, too. Really a lot like people.

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