30 August 2009

in the real world?

I just can't seem to stay excited about painting from the photographs.
It's very limiting.
But my hope is that the excercise will prove worth it in the end.... it's all about vocabulary, right?


My name is... said...

The exercise helps. I have been sketching nudes from my mind but pictures of nudes would probably be a better help....maybe but it would help me as far as producing more images in my head.

vogel said...

or you could find a life-drawing session to drop in to, maybe at the university or college, or in an artists's studio?

and yes, the excercise does help.... still have 7 little canvases to go for a series of 10.
after that who knows, maybe I'll never do it again 'cause it's quite boring - or maybe evey few years out will pop some "realistic" paintings.

keeping an open mind is the most important thing.
which is why I love your blog, you are very open-minded and fearlessly try everything at least once!