03 September 2009

On The Grid

acrylic on stitched canvas
12 x 12" each

So I'm thinking these are finished.
Liking them hung in the grid formation - like city streets.
The colours are so unusual for me. I do vastly prefer a brighter palette!

Still, however, this has been an interesting excercise: working with photographs and also working with acrylic paint.
I discovered that acrylics work better for me on raw, unprimed canvas. Also learned a few things about depth of space.
Most importantly I learned that trusting in the sponteneity of my imagination is a lot more fun than adhering to a pre-developed image!


My name is... said...

Oh V...these are so lovely. I like the ways these look so exact to the pictures. Your work always inspires me but you know I have no focus :)

vogel said...

thanks, Cina

but wait a second - reality check - I'm thinking it requires quite a bit of focus to raise kids, no?

So I'm not blessed with children, I make paintings instead, and that's a lot easier because paintings are physically inert and they don't talk back.
Ok, sometimes they do talk back.

but you know what I mean...