22 January 2011

a project

I had an idea: to stitch cities into some canvases and ask other artists to paint landscapes on them. I got a really positive response from the artists whom I asked to participate!
The project should be finished over the course of this year. Then we will find a place to show our results.

Here are the first canvases which I made last night.
All the canvases measure 19x19"

And today I gesso'd them.

There will be 11 in total.


cina said...

That is going to be really a great show when everyone's contributions to your stitched cities are done. It's going to be interesting to see.

vogel said...

yeah, I'm quite excited about seeing the finished paintings!
They should be all finished by the end of May. Giving even the slower painters time to do something considered.

Stay tuned!