30 May 2011

a day in the life

Arrive at studio, light breakfast while doing accounting exercises and homework to prepare for tomorrow's class.

A call from my local gallery, they sold a painting, I will have a cheque next month! Sweet feeling, first cheque since early February, finances have been a bit low.

Second breakfast. Begin painting, work on 3 canvases.

Sylvain drops in to say he'd like to accept my offer of a stitched canvases to paint a landscape on, joining the collaboration I set in motion in at the beginning of this year.
Also he gives some interesting feedback on my new works.

Go to public library, pick up "exit through the gift shop" Banksy movie which it is finally my turn to take out!
Swing by grocery store for ingredients for this week's lunches.

Lunch & sudoku sitting in sunshine, open studio window

Stitch, stretch & photograph a new canvas, 22w x 25h.

Tidy up & leave studio.

This was actually an ideal day in the life: no class this evening, no work shift during the day. Time enough for studying and artworking, a productive day. AND another painting finally sold!!

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Cina said...

Sounds like a great day