03 September 2011

and again

I went to Vancouver a few days ago and took this photo while walking over the Burrard Bridge.

Since returning to Calgary I've been happily working away in the studio.

The following images show a series of little paintings which has been gradually developing over the last few months. Whenever I use oils (not often these days) and have leftover paint, I work on them. They are all 12x12" on wood panel, and all have various textured materials collaged onto the panel. Some are finished, some not.

These are the brushes I used last time I worked on those 12x12 panels:

I do love taking photos of my brushes, they are my friends!

Some more new pieces underway:

45w x 51h

62w x 25h

23w x 31h

And a few photos of things I see almost every day:

the building across the street from the studio, with evening light effects

cycling along the river path on my way home, this is towards home

and this is looking back towards downtown

a little painting that hangs on the wall in the computer room, shining in the sun

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