24 October 2011

- break -

I have been taking a break from working in the studio, specifically from making stitched city paintings... but somehow find myself still compulsively painting other things, haha!

Doing the plein air stuff has been really fun, but now the weather quickly becomes too cold, and after 90 minutes' work I return home chilled and stiff. Lucky me : we have hot water, a furnace, dry cosy sweaters and blankets. Luxurious life.

Oct 23, 6pm
painted until the sun went down

Had to be at the studio today to ship the works for my November show in Edmonton. Sending the accumulated work out is like taking off many layers of sweaters - aaaahhhhh, feels like I can move again!

Afterwards I had a couple of hours to fill, so I revisited this portrait of Kim:

oil on panel
20w x 16h

Thinking about Kim, about her life and personality, about the insides and outsides of people... I really like this portrait now, to me it is her.

Soon my studio break will be over - I can feel new things wanting to come out. Need to continue with city-ish works for a couple of shows in the next 18 months, and having some ideas about how to keep it interesting, continue to make my living without it becoming endlessly repetitive.

Then there are some divergent projects - I have now a small list of paintings I would like to make, and intend to not lose sight of that list.

Feels like I may be learning how to do this artist thing...!

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