10 May 2012

everything is getting in

A good productive studio day.  Stretched two small canvases and was so excited to begin working on them that I forgot to photograph before painting!  
Here they are:

33w x 18h
This one may be finished, anyway I will let it sit for awhile.

31w x 19h
This one is just begun, and I like its beginnings!
I've been experimenting with drawing with acrylic mediums on the raw canvas, letting it dry and then painting over with watery washes.  
The resist is sometimes really dramatic and sometimes more subtle - it seems to depend on the thickness of medium used and on how long I leave it to dry.

Alberta landscape #27
oil on canvas

Early spring, first blush of green in the treetops, beautiful day!

And a couple of paintings finished last week:

This Time Between
acrylic on stitched canvas
71w x 33h inches

Water Line
mixed media on canvas
108w x 31h inches

Can also be viewed like this:

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