06 November 2013

progression of the paperworks

A few examples of progression of the paperworks.

verna vogel

First incarnation of the idea: 1. gesso the paper, 2. stitch, 3. seal, 4. paint.
Here the paint settles into the stitched surface textures.  I thought they looked a bit flat, though, so...

Second batch of explorations: 1. paint the paper, 2. seal, 3. stitch, 4. a bit more painting.
This order of events creates more depth behind the stitching.  But now there is a busy-ness that does not quite appeal, so...

verna vogel

Third trial: this time using black printing ink!
These are just begun.  Top row is simply printing ink washed into untreated paper.  Lower three are the same ink washed over pieces which I didn't like from the previous trials.  There is some subtlety of colour which does not photograph well.  I very much like the texture and flow of the ink.

I'm really enjoying these explorations.  Working on small sizes and in multiples is relaxing, gets my brain meandering.  

Sometimes it seems to me that I do lots of different things in the studio and they are not always related.  Today I thought, "well, by the time I'm in my 80's the pattern of my work will be more evident".  Already I begin to see it, dimly at first but growing clearer.

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