18 December 2013

more skype portraits!

I have picked up doing skype portraits again.  Here are images from 2 sessions done over the last 5 days.  I love to work with people who will make portraits of me at the same time as I am making portraits of them.  

My portraits of Lori Lukasewich:

lori lukasewich by verna vogel
oil on primed 300lb archival paper
Graphite and acrylic in 9x12 sketchbook

Lori's portraits of me:

verna vogel by lori lukasewich
oil on canvas paper

verna vogel by lori lukasewich
charcoal on paper

My portraits of Veronica Funk:

skype portrait by verna vogel
graphite in 9x12 sketchbook
oil on birch panel, done over an old acrylic painting

Veronica made some drawings of me too:

verna vogel by veronica funk

These two women happen to be professional artists, but that is not a prerequisite for making portraits.  Anyone can do it!  

The trick is to lay aside any preconceived notion of how a portrait should look.  This is especially important when painting live from a computer screen, which is different from a photo and also different from being in the same room together.

Veronica also told me about another artist who makes portraits via skype: Barbara Muir.  I was sure there must be other artists who do this - but it never occurred to me to google it!  Well, it seems there is a whole world of artists using skype for making art!  How cool is that?  Very cool, says I.

If you are reading this blog post and think you might like to try doing a skype portrait with me, please contact me and I will give you more information on how I set up these sessions.  It's pretty informal, but there are some permissions I like to get before I post anything online, and a few other privacy protection details.

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