28 February 2014

evolution or stasis?

I'm currently into an idea of using a simple and repetitive format - in this case 10x10 multiples - and playing with colour.  This is an attempt to further my experiential knowledge of acrylics.

New work begun a few weeks ago started here:

Stretched them a few days ago, and yesterday began adding colour layers.  
Transparent greens and blues and pinks and yellow-ish whites:

Then, more green - oh, too much green!  Tried to balance with red/orange/pink edge colour:

Hmmm, not quite.  making decisions too fast perhaps.

Just stop and think, let it seep, let it settle...

But we are preparing to go out of town for a few days and for some reason, instead of using the trip as a time for letting things settle in the studio, I got into this "finish the thing before we leave" mentality.  

Hmmm.  I mean, it's one thing to make sure the dishes are done so as not to return home to chaos, but in the studio?  Really?

So in the end they look like this:

Or if one prefers, like this:

I am enjoying these, enjoying the colour play and simple format, but somewhere in myself is an idea that I could be pushing them a lot more.  If I gave myself more time to look and consider, perhaps... hmmm.

Or perhaps this is it; perhaps deep in my heart I know that I have entered an era of Verna's Little Shop of Home Decor Horrors: quickly made and quickly forgotten, and I will just have to wait out the decade.


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