09 March 2014

The Night Garden

Verna Vogel  a.k.a.  Steel Sky Woman
The Night Garden
mixed media and stitching on canvas
55x55 inches includes spacing
(12x12 inches each)

Verna Vogel  a.k.a.  Steel Sky Woman


Patience is
wider than one
first envisioned,
with ribbons
of rivers
and distant
ranges and
tasks undertaken
and finished
with modest
relish by
natives in their
native dress.
Who would
have guessed
it possible
that waiting
is sustainable -
a place with
its own harvests.
Or that in
time's fullness
the diamonds
of patience
couldn't be
from the genuine
in brilliance
or hardness.

Kay Ryan


Sweetpea said...

Hi Verna ~ not sure how I wandered by here this morn but had to stop a moment to say I think this piece[s] is FABULOUS! I'm very inspired by your hanging arrangement, too ... a good solution, I think.


Verna Vogel said...

Thanks Christi!