02 June 2014

nearing 100

This weekend I painted on the banks of the Sheep River.  Here's the first one:

steel sky woman landscape

The sky was very moody when I began and then cleared up by the time I'd finished.  Oh those Alberta skies, where storms pass over the horizon without lingering!  Water tumbling over rocks is still very difficult for me to paint well, but I am determined to keep at it and improve.

Next day I tried again:

the view

verna vogel
the sketch

verna vogel
the completed painting

I like that second one better, though I still have in my mind's eye an image of landscape painting that I rarely come close to, ha.  Well, I would set the bar very high and then work towards it.

verna vogel
sand, an excellent brush holder

verna vogel
my perch 6 feet above the river

I am nearing 100 plein air paintings.  When I began doing this I did not intend it to become such a regular part of my practice.  Isn't it funny how things go?



P.D. Crumbaker said...

I just ran across the word "virga" - precipitation that can be observed falling from a cloud but never reaches the earth's surface. (I know this is somehow connected to moody skies, or maybe just a desire to pass this random piece of information from my brain to someone else's!) I like seeing the preliminary sketch from which the finished work springs.

Verna Vogel said...

Thanks for the word, P.D.! Yes, we get lots of virga here and it is really beautiful! Last night the whole sky was deep purple/blue with a little gold window of light over the mountains, and the virga in full swing on either side. Took my breath away, it did.

Sometimes I remember to photograph the progress of the plein air - but more often I forget! Caught up in the moment, hehee.