25 January 2015

space exploration

I've just taken apart some older paintings, removing the canvas from the stretchers.

Over the course of the past few years in my studio I've been very focussed on searching for a new language; or more accurately, exploring ways of expanding my existing language.  Inevitably, some of my forays were not particularly sophisticated, and it is those unsophisticated explorations that I've disassembled.

space exploration
The last one to go

So now I have got a lot of "new" canvas stretchers, and also a lot of pieces of painted canvas which may find their way into new work.  

space exploration

The greatest benefit, though, is that I have got more space in the studio: mental space as well as physical.  No longer peripherally bogged down by work that is less than I am aiming for, I feel a renewed sense of vigour.

verna vogel

Happy days!

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