15 June 2015

Meanwhile, in the studio...

A rather bland portrait made a couple of weeks ago:


looks more lively when photoshopped:

steel sky woman

A new 2D series begun, these are 16.75 inches square:

verna vogel small ellipse

steel sky woman small ellipse

And a 3D piece underway for an exhibition in a non-commercial gallery!  Here are some detail shots of the first prototype in my studio:

steel sky woman

steel sky woman

verna vogel

I will make another attempt at this, using a smoother string so the knots are more easily visible.


Russell Mang said...

Marvelous, as usual...

Verna Vogel said...

Oh, thank you Russell, you are too sweet!


Barbara Muir said...

Wow Verna,

I've been away, and then in a kind of post travel daze, and missed this cool entry.

I love everything you are doing in this variety of work. Wonderful!


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara!