27 November 2015

all this beauty is in you

It has recently come to my attention about a thing called the mourning moon.  Very interesting.  Here's a link to some information and a lot of beautiful photos.

verna vogel
All This Beauty Is In You
acrylic on canvas, 10x10"

A few years ago I made this painting for a friend, and just now came across the image again.  How serendipitous.  It's a very appropriate image for the time of the mourning moon, aesthetically and also the title, don't you think?


Barbara Muir said...

I love the idea of a final moon of the year telling you to let go of a year of worries. And like most years, although this one was filled with wonder, it was also filled with worries. You helped me breathe a sigh of great joy and relief.

Love your painting. Wow. Lucky friend.


Verna Vogel said...

:) Thank you Barbara, I'm glad this post had such a positive effect on you <3