24 February 2016

audible signals

The workshop in Drumheller was loads of fun and very invigorating.

verna vogel

Everyone was so enthusiastic, open-minded and eager to really experiment and have fun.  Our purpose was not so much to make a finished work of art, but rather to explore and gain ideas that might further evolve in our own art practices.  We discussed my paintings in the TREX exhibition, and I took the group through some sensory-awareness exercises before we began playing with collage and drawing techniques.  A very good spirit prevailed throughout the day.

verna vogel

Back to the city...

verna vogel

eagle on the ice

Cycling along the river early one morning last week, I saw an eagle on the ice.  First time I'd ever looked down on an eagle rather than up at one.  Its size sure puts those magpies in perspective, hey.  Seems they're all having dead duck for breakfast.

wave motion

Meanwhile in the studio I can't seem to find out what I'm doing or why.  Too much repetition and not enough insight.  Well, isn't that how most problems evolve?  *laughs*

wave motion

Should I kill it and sit myself down to breakfast?  Or should I do a little colour inversion and let my spirit wander on an empty stomach?
wave motion

The former option seems sweeter... but the latter may bear more nourishing fruit in the end. 

And here we have a potentially useful thing:

audible signal

 ... A focus button!

audible signal

Later, alligator.


Barbara Muir said...

Love this, the thinking, the work. Maybe it takes a few days to settle down after teaching a great workshop. I know I got so high on the thinking in my last workshop coming from the great people involved. It makes me feel better to know you sometimes have doubts. I just got Danny Gregory's book about this called Shut Your Monkey, about getting the inner critic to be quiet. Nothing against monkeys. I'm enjoying it.

Wonderful art work -- you are great.


Verna Vogel said...

Hehee, it makes me feel better knowing other people have doubts, too! Thank you for being so supportive of my work, it is very much appreciated.