14 April 2016

reading and writing

Portraits I made over the last few weeks, friends and also some new people I met.

verna vogel portrait

portrait of Elise Melanson

verna vogel portrait

portrait of Tara Gish

portrait of Baby June at 6 months old

verna vogel portrait

portrait of Andrew Saliken

verna vogel portrait

verna vogel portrait

portrait of Uli Osterman

 The type of art I made while travelling - quick portraits and simple landscapes - has rejuvenated me on some level.

Today I spend time reading and writing; among other things I have been immersing myself in the ideas of Oliver Sacks.  His brilliant scientific mind combined with his very humanist sensibility appeals to me, and he is able to present complex ideas and information in a very accessible way that makes for exciting reading.

portraits by verna vogel

I begin to take notes mainly in order to remember some of the details, as this is a library book which must be returned, and find that my note-taking has a secondary effect of leading to more ideas and connections in my own mind.



Barbara Muir said...

Love the portraits. Great idea. Oh and so many. I am always impressed by you, and your incredible output. Looks like an interesting book for another day.

For now I hope I do some painting.

Happy Spring. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Barbara

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you so much, Barbara! Most of those portraits were done in my 9x12 red sketchbook, which I've been working in since 2008 and is very close to being filled. The baby sketches were done on 7x9 canvas and 12x16 panel.

I am very impressed with your energy levels too!