10 June 2016

An unexpected turn of events

daily paintings

Last week, in the middle of my month of daily paintings, I got a call to develop and teach an intensive week-long art project for grade 4-5 students - with only 6 days to prepare!  Such short notice is not usual, but I managed to come up with a fairly large-scale project that turned out quite good.

Meanwhile, my daily paintings ground to a halt as the intensity of the class took up almost all my energy.  

These images are of prep work I did a couple of weeks ago.  I cut up a number of old paintings into pieces which I gesso'd in order to use them as grounds for future colour studies.  I did not gesso over all the pieces though; I kept some and played with various combinations.

Today was a wrap for the class, so next week I will be able to focus on my own work again.  Perhaps I'll takes some of these cut-up compositions and translate them into further studies.

verna vogel colour studies

Before getting into the studio, though, I'm going to tend to my houseplants, almost all of which sorely need repotting!  That will make a good bridge between the two intense energies: the outward energy of teaching and the inward energy of the studio.  

Somewhere in there I'll probably make a blog post about the recent class, too.  It really was a lot of fun.

Until next time,


Barbara Muir said...

You are wonderful. I wish you lived close by, so I could come and visit your studio and talk over ideas. I love this post. Yep. That's what happens, and look how amazing you are!


verna said...

Oh, thank you so much Barbara, you are very sweet. :) Yes, if I lived closer you'd definitely be welcome to visit my studio and talk about ideas over a cup of tea.