10 July 2016

odds & ends

In between stitching the small canvas squares and making relief prints, I do a few other art-related things.  I work at the art supply store, re-arrange the artwork in our home, go for plein air painting jaunts out on the prairie, set up dates for a couple more teaching sessions next month.

portrait of ryan statz, by verna vogel - marker and watercolour on matboard

Above, a portrait of my co-worker made with very minimal tools, during the last bit of my shift at the art store.

Below, two of my "Paperworks" framed by Candace Larsen at CK Gallery.  Candace had complete free rein on all aesthetic choices for framing these pieces.  My photos are not great, but I'm really impressed with her work!   She is a Master framer indeed.

Paperworks framed by Candace Larsen, master framer at CK Gallery

Paperworks framed by Candace Larsen, master framer at CK Gallery

The gallery has got a few more of my Paperworks series currently available.

Also CKG is having their summer exhibition which opens in a few days, and a few of my small "Vibrato" series will be included.  I look forward to seeing them on a nice clean gallery wall!  But for the moment I only have a photo of them on my messy studio wall:

Vibrato series in studio, showing now at CK Gallery 2016 summer exhibition CHROMA

And here we have a very beautiful beetle I saw while walking out on the prairie.  It is Nuttall's Blister Beetle.

Nuttall's Blister Beetle

Its body was about 2cm long, and the colour of its head and "tail" flickered through bright copper, gold and green as it moved.  I have never seen such a large and brightly-coloured beetle in this area; it reminded me of some of the amazing bugs I saw back when I lived in Malaysia.

Today I am making a small quilt for someone who's having a baby soon.  Taking a break from sewing, I make this blog post.

These days, the cycle is resting at "good life".  I will enjoy this while I can.



pdcrumbaker said...

I love all this, but energy really emanates from Vibrato series--I love seeing the grouping.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you pd! Making the Vibrato series was really fun and relaxing, the repetition of simple shapes and playing with colours. I love working this way.