11 September 2016

Alberta landscape #95

alberta landscape painting #95
the view: flat, semi-arial

alberta landscape painting #95
the palette: limited

alberta landscape painting #95
the layout

Alberta landscape painting #95
the beginning

Alberta landscape painting #95
the middle

Alberta landscape #95 finished
the end

In preparation for an upcoming exhibition, I am framing a few of my plein air landscape paintings.  I have seen works where the frame is an integral part of the painting.  That approach appeals to me far more than the standard black gallery frame, so I'm following suit with a simple but colourful framing of my small works.

Alberta landscape paintings - and a few BC landscape paintings

This will be the first time my landscape paintings are shown here in Alberta and I'm feeling excited!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

This was super beautiful and helpful as I'm painting a landscape like this one(farm fields) on two 36 x48"s but of course not the same. And it will be from photos. Not great ones from my phone!

I love this, and the look of all of your landscapes. Amazing. Mine is set in Nova Scotia, and I thought I was inspired by the old masters, but I think I am much, much, much more inspired by you!


Verna Vogel said...

Well thank you for the lovely compliment, Barbara!

Two 36x48 canvases - that's quite a big project. I'm sure they will turn out just grand!