30 July 2018

Newsletter July 2018

The circular imagery that I've been working with over the last few years has reached an interesting stage of development recently.  "Reached" is not quite the right word, because my paintings continue to evolve... I'm feeling so excited by my studio work lately, and this is an excellent place to be, creatively speaking.

Because some of my new paintings will be in exhibitions in the coming months, I've made another newsletter.  
You can find it here.

verna vogel exhibition paintings original artwork
Womens' Art Exhbition, a collaboration of Front, Bugera Matheson and Scott Galleries in Edmonton, AB.  A few of my new Augury Sketches will be included. 

My newsletter also contains some info on the Brooklyn Art Library's "Sketchbook Project", which I am participating in.  I am so pleased to finally be doing this, after thinking about it for a couple of years at least.  Isn't that so often the way? 

Until next time, dear Reader.


Barbara Muir said...

Great newsletter, and you are an incredible inspiration. I love the sketchbook idea too. But I think I'd have trouble finishing it!

Have a super rest of the summer. It is way too hot here!


Verna Vogel said...

The sketchbook is only 15 pages... but yeah, a person would have to be really fired up about the idea to do it. I am. :)

By now here summer is over and it's quite cool. Too short, but c'est la vie. The air is nice and fresh.