01 March 2019

installation week

Exhibition: "just turn your head a little"
March 2 - April 13, 2019

verna vogel and frances vettergreen: installation and paintings
Work in progress:
my installation artworks with Frances' paintings.
Frances and I brought her paintings last weekend, and then I spent the week at the Leighton Art Centre, conceiving, creating and installing most of my work on location.

"just turn your head a little" installation in progress by Verna Vogel
In the main gallery:
my hanging drawings move with the slightest change in air currents, 
such as those made by the movement of people in the gallery.
All my pieces, by concept and by materials, relate to the LAC in some way.

The hanging drawings of trees intertwined with circles were created by dipping twigs and branches in ink, and hung from a branch at the top.  This reflects the beautifully treed environment around the house, and the cycles of nature.

just turn your head a little by Verna Vogel
First wall piece: tea-dyed paper
The circle on the far wall was created with tea-dyed office paper.  This reflects the fact that the late Barbara Leighton liked to offer her guests tea, and also the current work of administrative staff at the Art Centre.

verna vogel exhibition "just turn your head a little"
Second wall piece: strings and stones.
A circle created with strings and stones reflects the the simultaneously energized and peaceful feeling that pervades the property and house.

vernavogel and frances vettergreen "just turn your head a little"
Third wall piece, in the hallway.
A multi-circular piece reflects the undulating landscape and mountains, as well as a light sense of playfulness, which I believe would resonate with Barbara Leighton as evidenced in her own artwork.

There is a fourth wall piece which uses sections of tree roots.  No photo yet, but it is reminiscent of music, and the tree roots indicate that what lies underneath the surface is very important for understanding the history of a place.

Reflections: the hanging drawings in action.

Conceiving and creating these pieces inside the gallery has been very fulfilling for me.  It's been like a mini artist residency.

Warm thanks to the very fine folks at the LAC (including the "spirit of Barbara Leighton") for allowing me to take over the house this week!


Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful work, and an excellent post. Amazing.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara!

It was a huge amount of work to create this exhibition on the spot over four days, in an out-of-town gallery, when I do not drive. A combination of taking transit to the edge of town and then a lift with one of the gallery staff made the whole thing possible. After 4 days of 5:15am rising, this relaxed-morning person sure felt cumulatively tired! *laughs*

But it was so worth it in the end. This is the 3rd installation exhibition I've put together, and I do believe it's the best one yet. Feels so good.

I love your work too, and your "Month of Love" is still resonating.