19 July 2019

sketchbook : integuments

exploring the possibilities of oil stick blender
with various drawing media


oil paint marker and China marker (similar to litho crayon)


graphite pencil


the book begins to develop character


Barbara Muir said...

All of your work has character. Love it. it is just you. If you ever visit my
in house Studio you will see that I have manically and erratically collected
things to use to draw circles. They build up on my studio table, asking "and?"
No answer except that your magnificent work with every kind of shape, inspires
me greatly. I think occasionally my husband does a secret purge, as in
"shhh" to the dog and cats, and ,"recycle? Yep. Recycle? yep." And so on.


Verna Vogel said...

Hey Barbara,

Ever thought of taking a few photos of your circular items before your husband does one of his secret purges? I'd love to see some of your fabled (if temporary) collection.

p.s. Maybe you could inveigle him into mailing them to me, instead of tossing them!.*laughs*

Thanks as always for your lovely comments on my work & process.