Skype portraits with "C" and "S"

Last week I connected with a woman from the U.S. with whom I have been exchanging emails and blog comments for ... wow, 8 years!  We first met through the 30-day-artist challenge, a very interesting project which operated for a few years but is now defunct.  She and her daughter and I all made portraits of one another and had a lovely visit.

Portraits made by "C":

nice soft smudging effect

I think C used:
china markers
coloured pencils
and oil pastels
in her drawings...!
I love the intense look in these first two portraits of me.  I guess when I am making a portrait I am looking very hard at the person's face, really trying to see it clearly, and I think that comes through here.  I also really like that her portraits go right off the page, which always makes things more dynamic.  

Portraits made by "S":

kind of a fashion model look

is that a canvas stretcher behind me?

... and I think S used:
oil pastel
coloured pencil
and china markers
in her drawings!
Love these too.  As you can see, "S" has an excellent sense of design!  The last one is my favourite because it has a gentle sort of feeling, and also quite a lot of movement in the way the arms are positioned.  

When we first saw each other it felt a bit awkward because, you know, emails and blog comments are one thing, but meeting someone "face-to-face", even if it's through a computer screen, is something else entirely.  After awhile we all got more comfortable, and in the end it was a lot of fun!

Portraits made by me:

"C" - graphite on paper, 9x12 inches

"S" - graphite on paper, 9x12 inches

"C" and "S" together, oil on primed 300lb paper, 11x15 inches

I had never tried to do portraits of two people at once before, so that was a fun challenge.


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Francina Girard said...

Has it been 8 years already? We'll have to do it again.