30 August 2007

a day in the city

a day in the city

initial sketch and sewn, stretched canvasses:

39.5 x 39.5cm each, 320 x 39.5cm entire
(15.5 x 15.5" each, 126 x 15.5" entire)

You can see the different types of fabrics used for these: burlap, bouclé suiting, mesh, organza, corduroy and even a few pieces of zipper sewn on top of the canvas. I'm really having fun with these.

They are now gesso'd & I have begun painting - excitement! The zipper gives a particularly nice effect, so far.
I plan to try a similar colour method to the one used in "stack II" (a couple of posts back), though applied in a slightly different way - stay tuned!

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