30 August 2007

stack II

stack II

oil on 5 stitched canvasses
167 x 28cm each canvas / 167 x 160cm entire
(66 x 11" each / 66 x 63" entire)

I really like the way this one looks now - except for the patchy look of the last glaze on the second-from-bottom canvas. Perhaps it is only a minor detail, however.

A brief look at some of the colour progression...

cadmium yellow light + indian yellow, then raw sienna:

fuschia, then cad yellow middle:

some strange and very ugly colours:

complimentaries over the previous strange colours, then quinacridone red + cad red middle:

now didn't those weird colours make the nicest underpainting for the reds?

(my studio mates thought I'd lost it when I put on those awful greens & blues & purples, but all along there was a plan!)

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