18 March 2008


First I learned to paint with acrylic, and used nothing but for ages.
Then a few years ago I decided to learn to use oils, and have used nothing but since.
Now I have decided to try acrylics again, partly because they are less toxic than the alkyd mediums which I love to use... and partly because acrylic dries so much faster than oil!
This could be an especially nice benefit for me, since I love to layer on the glazes, and 20 or 30 layers of oil glazes makes the painting a long time in the making!

Well these are not finished, but already I am feeling pretty ambiguous about the results:

This one is a little more subtle, and may work out yet:

That purple tree has got to go, but the building shapes in the background are showing some potential:

I am forming the conclusion that acrylic just will not give me what I want! However, this is just the first bit of experimentation and perhaps I have a lot to learn and re-discover...

1 comment:

bowreality said...

I like the first and especially the last one! Not my colours (puurple) but the sewing is coming out nicely. I like the orange net!