13 March 2008


You know how the city just sort of grows & grows...?
Calgary has no natural boundaries, no mountains or ocean's edge to stop the sprawl, and I have come to see it as very amoeba-like, enveloping whatever lies in the path of its residential psuedopods.

And I got to thinking about the relative speed of various types of changes.

Usually, the word "velocity" is associated with fast speeds: the velocity of a moving vehicle hurtling down the hiway, for example.

But my Webster's Dictionary defines velocity simply as "rate of motion" - no mention of fast or slow motion - and in chemistry velocity refers to "the rate of dissappearance of the reactants or of the appearance of products in a chemical reaction"

The next entry in the Webster's is "velocity of escape *escape velocity"

Hmmmm, interesting.

So, I had an idea:

City meets trees - not clear which is being overtaken by the other...

Here are the canvasses just finished being assembled, pinned to the wall sideways for lack of space:

That's a fourth canvas on the table, just begun.

This is my sewing assembly setup, after the floor has been swept!

And here is the fourth canvas, now finished:

Just visible is the stretcher it will go on, measuring 37 x 58".

This is the cumulative effect of three and a half days' sewing at a slow but steady velocity - whew!

Next I will build stretchers for the first three canvasses - they will measure 32 x 42" each. Then I will stretch them, seal the seams, apply several coats of gesso, and finally begin painting.

Is it really worth all this effort?

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