17 October 2008

city sketches

Framed this one - the frame is actually very dark blue.
I think the 3/4" profile canvases look much better in frames.

A little tip:

I have discovered that the lumber store sells mouldings by the foot - you know, the long thin strips of decorative wood used to finish the bit where the walls meet the floor inside a house, or cupboards &c.... well, these mouldings come in a variety of profiles and can be made into inexpensive frames! Very suitable for smaller paintings & may work on larger pieces too.

Just measure carefully, cut on a 45-degree angle, glue corners, use tape to hold it nicely together & put a couple of heavy-duty staples in the back of each corner. Let glue dry a couple of hours, remove tape and paint any colour you like. Easy as pie, almost!

Still have to make frames for these:

How fun it is to make these little things - so fast, and not so "serious" like the paintings I have been getting ready for my show the last few months.
It's been a breath of fresh air!
And who knows, maybe they will go in the show too.

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