03 October 2008

Space and Time

oil on 14 little bits of panel....
measures approximately 48 x 20"
(that vertical piece of shelving bracket is not part of the painting)

this little project was "shelved" for quite some time - actually the pieces were on the studio floor for about a year.
I walked on it, shuffled the table over it, splattered paint on it, &c.
then yesterday I picked it up and mounted it.
if you click on the picture to enlarge you may notice the lovely scratched and speckled surface - couldn't have got that if I'd been trying for it! haha

this is what it looks like from the side:

fairly simple mounting technique - small blocks of wood to float each piece off the wall.

painted the backs to create some reflected light in the shadows.

the floating effect is imperfect because some of the pieces are not perpendicular to the wall....

next one will see some improvements.

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