15 January 2009

2 new starts

25 x 39" and 24 x 24"

Trying to paint with acrylics... it's a struggle but today I am feeling hopeful.
Stay tuned for further progress on these!


Cina said...

Why is painting with acrylics a struggle?

vogel said...

because it does not "flow" like oils... and the colours seem to interact differently.

As far I know, this is because the surface of acrylic paint reflects light - while with oils the light goes through the surface and reflects off the gesso underneath and back through the colours, giving them more depth... kind of.

but I've seen some stupendously beautiful work done with acrylic paint, so I know it's possible. I just can't rely on the same little tricks and techniques as with oils!

Cina said...

That's so funny...I have always painted with acrylic and not oil. I have a fear of oil because it seems harder to me. With acrylic I am familiar with how it will act, how to manipulate it to what I want it to do...but oil...that is a whole new frontier.

Persevere because to have a mastery of both is splendid.

Cina said...

How are they coming along?

vogel said...

At the moment they are stalled... as is most of my studio practice. Having some issues with gallery people telling me what to paint, against which I rebel.
Today, however, I got back into it - decided to just ignore eveyone and do what I please. Hooray!