25 January 2009

new beginnings

and some interesting words I found in the dictionary:

CATACOMB - a series of underground galleries and chambers with recesses for burying the dead.
CATALEPSY - a condition in which the patient maintains his limbs in any position in which they are placed.
CATALOGUE - a complete list of articles, e.g. library books, pictures, museum exhibits, or goods for sale, usually in alphabetical order, or under special headings, and often with descriptions of the articles.
CATALYST - a substance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction and is itself unchanged by the process.
CATAPLEXY - a condition of transient immobility without loss of conciousness as a result of shock etc.
CATAPULT - a machine for hurling stones etc., worked by a lever.
CATASTASIS - the part of a tragedy when the action is heightened to its climax, following the epistasis and just before the catastrophe.
CATATONIA - a set of symptoms involving muscular rigidity and mental stupor, with alternating excitement and confusion, most often found in schizophrenia.
CATCH-PHRASE - a striking phrase intended to arrest attention, usually often repeated (e.g. in publicity or political propoganda)

all those "cat" words... rather dark meanings when considered from a certain perspective.


Cina said...

Are these going to be a city based on cat words?

vogel said...

well, maybe.
maybe a series.
I like the dark connotations of these cat words, they somehow all seem to work together...

vogel said...

... to create a sort of larger meaning than any one of them has on its own.