23 April 2009

... and then some

Lately I feel a bit like a one-woman painting factory. Not sure where this is going. Sometimes I am so sick of painting these cities, over & over again, what the gallery wants, blah blah blah.
Yeah, nice problem to have, on the one hand. On the other hand, I never bargained for this: being constrained to paint what sells, because now this is my primary source of income.
Suddenly the downside is obvious.
Another learning curve headed my way and moving fast!

Seems to me I can continue along, painting what sells because it's more fun than, say, making shoes or selling cosmetics, and develop a "sideline", other art that I do just for moi.
Or I can go off and change direction entirely, paint something totally new and enticing and marvellous!
...thing is, I'm not quite convinced that I am a genius whose every work will automatically sell, and I ultimately do need to pay the bills.

Ok, enough deep thought for the day, on to some visual stuff!

Today I started some new paintings:

And continued along with a few:

And decided these are finished:

That's all, folks!


Beena said...

Verna its better to be a drone painting than say making shoes. At least it's droning a way doing something you like and with the florella that is the other you. The liberated not required to make anything but what you want you.

And to me yes you are that genius whose every work will sell.

Verna Vogel said...

oh, Cina, thank you!