19 April 2009

just keep plugging away

Where does that expression originate, and what does it really mean? "Plugging away"... like plugging up holes? keeping things afloat? defying a whistling wind?

It's been one of those days of questioning: what am I doing, really? And in the interest of keeping myself afloat I continue along, beleaguered by thoughts, caught in a headwind but painting as usual...

This is what I have to show for it, cut & pasted a bit from 3 photos:

Hours become days....

Today I could move this from the table to the wall and take an upright picture. The paint has all but dried and soon I can start adding transparent layers.

Also an upright picture of this one:

Which I had photographed lying on the table and posted a few days ago. Here it is again.

1 comment:

Andres said...

I've seen this by chance, surfing on the net. I/WE LOVE IT.
Congartulations... beuriful sensitivity and wonderful lights,