24 June 2010

art for art's sake

money for god's sake!!

Haven't sold a painting in months. Total financial nose-dive compared to this time last year. AND we just bought a house..... eek!
But I will prevail.
I will prevail with smaller paintings.

Like this one:

It's an itty-bitty little thing, part of the "Lens" series I've been working on, all 10x10", all quite abstract. I'm having a lot of fun getting back to the more abstract aesthetic.

In fact, because my work is not selling much, I am not under so much pressure from the galleries and it feels lovely to work on something a little different without thinking about the business of whether they'll sell. Heehee.

Here's another one, before & after:

This one measures about 12x22". Not sure if I like the progression here, the "before" is maybe more interesting because it's less defined...

And here's one of the big stitched ones, still in progress but liking where it's going so far:

Yes, I am still working on the big stitched pieces for my show in Vancouver. Not till February next year, but these things DO take a long time to make, so it's gotta be an ongoing thing.

Hope they sell something soon because I am about to be flat broke, in the literal sense of the term.

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