22 June 2010

once upon a time,

a long, long time ago,
I made these two paintings
from photos I myself had taken.

They were an attempt to translate the prairie, to which I had just relocated my life and which I still find incredibly beautiful, into paint. The only way I could fathom this emptiness was framed through a construction of windows inside an abandoned house. Always some reference to the built environment.
Later I removed these paintings, stretched new canvas, and they became the Summer In The City...

A couple of days ago I had been going through the old "Why do I make paintings? Why not do something that more directly involves/impacts people in a positive way?"
And then Jocelyn came into the art store where I work, and told me about how she'd bought one of my paintings (one of the Building Blocks) and how much she loved it. She derives great joy from her art collection, and my piece is part of that milleiu.

How lucky is that?
I'm feeling much better now.


Ceena Beena said...

Hey V....feeling down? wah? lol for why?

I can only speak about my one piece but it brings great joy to me. It was your art that introduced me to you and you've been a great art buddy. Your art inspires me, uplifts me, and just plain out makes me happy. From your flowers, to your city scapes old and new. You have a talent that burst through you and a dedication to it that is wonderful.

PS: It's not called "Starving Artist" for no reason, welcome to the flat broke amazingly artistically gifted club. I've been a member for a long ass time.

It should be Art for God's sake and Money for my sake *laughs*

I have no doubt that you'll be selling soon, big and small.

WOOT WOOT! I mean if you don't sell anything you'll have one finely decorated house.

Verna Vogel said...

hey Cina, your spirit is very inspiring, thank you!