13 September 2010

More goes on every minute

what I did in the studio today:


photo is too purple but

not bad in a frame
these are 12x16 each
not sure if they're finished, maybe a few tweaks?

and what I saw on my way home:


Cina said...

I say no more tweeks. I like what you saw on the way home. The reflection is a resemblance to the layering you put in your own paintings of architectural life. I used to call your paintings Cityscapes. Now I call the abstract paintings of architectural life. You bring the art of the architecture into your painting and give it a new life. V if I had money I would buy every last painting of yours, I would higher you as my personal artist to fill my many palaces with flowers, buildings, trees and whatever your creative mind could do.

vogel said...

ah, Cina, you are a sweetheart, and I'm hoping that one day you'll be very rich!