17 September 2010

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First, I want to say that I'm having a show next month at AXIS gallery here in Calgary. Check out the "october 2010 exhibition" at the top of the sidebar for details.

Now on to the recent studio work.
One finished:

Every Small Thing
oil on stitched canvas
35w x 37h

And a whole whack of stuff in progress:


All We Need

Forget Time And Death

And here is a piece that has been reworked many, many, many times! I think this is it, now. No more reworking. It is what it is:

Heaven And Earth
oil on stitched canvas
3 @ 24w x 30h each


Cina said...

Oh V...I like these 3 at the bottom. So simple yet there is so much movement and texture. I guess the last reworking was the charm.

You know to me, your paintings are starting to have an air brushed appeal to them. Especially Cathedral. The reds and light yellows on the bottom but then again I am looking at them via picture opposed to in person but it's a very nice effect I guess or something visually new that I noticed of your work.

Cina said...

Oh yeah and much success on the show.

vogel said...

thanks Cina!