02 December 2010


In July 2010 I made a post titled "in stitches" That was the first stage of these paintings. Now they've got to here. There is something interesting going on, but they feel still incomplete. Maybe my colours need to be more refined for this colour field idea to really work...

The colours are built up with several glaze layers, the subtleties of which are not evident on a computer screen.
And there is a spot on my camera lens.


novembergrass said...

I like this concept of the rich color surface that allows the stitching to take a greater role, and the little bits of color are interesting too.

vogel said...

thank you

I'm taking some time off from making commercial art - which is what the cities have become - and just doing whatever I please, exploring some new directions...

how nice to have a positive response so soon!

Welcome said...

Hey V...it's me and wow how sweet it is that I clicked to see your blog updates to find you saying that you are exploring some new directions.


My blog moved. I am fancy now and it's at www.francinagirard.com, I am trying to mix my etsy store and blogging at the same time.

I am very very excited to see what great things you will come up with. The world is truly your canvas and you have such a great eye. WOOT WOOT!