02 December 2010

time is the key

Yesterday I went to the studio again after a few weeks off. First thing I did was photograph a few paintings that were finished some time ago, plus this one which I did very recently:

The Untitled Art Society is having a show called "Re-gifted" in which participants are asked to make an art piece out of something that has been given to them. This is mine - a framed print that was really not to our taste, painted over with acrylics and re-inserted into its frame. It looks a bit more interesting now.

oil on stitched canvas
29w x 57h approx.

oil on stitched canvas
34w x 62h

oil on stitched canvas
40w x 42h
I've posted some pics of this one in progress - now here it is completed. Photo is really too dark, but you get the idea.

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