11 February 2011


Where to begin?
Seems like a lot has been going on, most of it internal as usual, but some things external.
I got a little black book which I keep in the studio now, and write a bit in the morning before I start work. Notes on projects, ideas, etc.

Just finished writing an exhibition proposal for the stitched city/painted landscape group project I began last month. Took me 4 hours. Haven't sent it yet, might need a bit of editing. Whoo, brain work! Haven't done much of that lately. Feels good, once I get going.

Last weekend was my solo show in Vancouver. It was a lightning trip, but great nonetheless. Met with an old friend, established a higher level of trust with the gallery owner, met some new friends. Took loads of photos for reference on one of my new(ish) projects.

Some photos from the opening:

A few of my old college classmates showed up, and one of my instructors. How cool is that, I haven't seen them in 14 years!

Some of the works for the new(ish) project:

Basically just working directly from photos, creating much more literal images. These are all 12x12" so far. Acrylic. Found a way to work with the stuff - hooray! Just dilute with water and work on raw (ungessoed) canvas. Then seal with medium and varnish. Pa-da-bing, I love it.

Now I have some big ones started, not using photo references, stitching and painting in the "usual" way except using acrylic on the raw canvas. No gesso, no oil paint. We'll see if they turn out nicely.

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Cina said...

Pa-DA-Ping! Excellent! Congrats on the show V. I love your abstracts but you literal pieces are wow. I had a biography of you some where and it said you studied abroad..I can't remember Thailand I believe. I would love to see some pieces you did from that time or even techniques that you learned. You are a great art inspiration and looking at what you create always brings joy to me. Continued success to you...WOOT WOOT!