23 March 2011

hi ho silver!

Well this is neat: here are 4 finished paintings in just a few weeks!
I'm hoping this work will go into a show at the Front Gallery this autumn.


acrylic on canvas
43w x 41h

No Small Thing
acrylic on canvas
36w x 48h

acrylic on stitched canvas
45w x 25h

Time Change
acrylic on canvas
49w x 29h

I've decided not to worry about whether it's "the same old stuff" and just go with what I love doing: I love painting in this semi-abstract way, playing with colour & form, creating depth or flatness as my whims take me.

"The world needs you to find out what makes you come alive, and then to go and do it, whatever it is."


1 comment:

Christy said...

Love the use of color! These are lovely!