05 March 2011

oh no!

Well, I seem to have figured out how to make pretty much exactly the same kind of paintings with acrylic as I used to make with oil.
This was not the plan! The plan was to experiment and try new things!
OK, well, so this new thing is about the medium - acrylic paint - and I have proved to myself that I can make this type of work with it:

And now I need to do something else, expand my painting (style? process?) lest I get bored.

Here are some newly built stretchers:

They measure 30x31.5" and on them I am going to do the aforementioned "something else". Just wait & see!

Look what I found at the bus stop - only to be seen by standing in one specific place, in a certain window of time when the sun shines just so:

hee hee
love yourself!


Frances said...

Love the bus stop! Also the acrylic painting...not to worry, "something else" will come as you play with the paint. It will want to work differently than the oil and then you will too :)

Fay_Moose_Art said...

Love the heart!
Cant wait to see your new paintings :) You are amazing :)