08 June 2011

back to the drawing board

The drawing board being, in this case, photo-referenced paintings.



Not yet finished but starting to look all right at this point.

When I visited the Front Gallery in Edmonton in early May, I met one of the gallery artists - Tom Gale - and he gave me a box of canvas scraps.

This piece was in that box. Isn't it lovely? Looks like coffee cup rings among the paint splatters! A residue of Tom's working history. Of course I must photograph it for the record? :)

Here it is stitched into a new canvas. The pity is that I'll be gessoing over those stains... but the history will still be there, imbedded, an invisible part of the finished work.

And here's the photo it's based on.

Another day indeed. The book is not quite as poetic as I had thought it would be, but well-written so far, and I think the scope will widen as the narrative progresses.

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