16 June 2011

plein air

Tuesday evening I wrote the final test for my accounting class. Wasn't as easy as the mid-term because I hadn't studied as dilligently! But I think it went ok.

A friend and I had made plans to go painting in Canmore on Wednesday...

Undeterred by the weather, our intrepid heroes make a shelter out of tarps and found materials, and begin painting.

Mel is interested in the quirkiness of the trailer park juxtaposed against the mountains, and boldly begins a large work.

This woman has staying power: after 6 hours it is nearly finished.

Verna cannot stay in one place for too long, and after making an initial painting under the rigged tarps she moves along, inventing temporary shelters as her shifting locations demand.

Occasionally the rain lets up, the sun almost shines, and there is no need for umbrellas.

Almost 8 hours from the time they arrived, our tenaciously good-humoured artists are still smiling.

My four small canvases, from left to right in the order they were made:

And the box I devised for transporting wet paintings in the car:

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Fay_Moose_Art said...

Oh looks like you had fun :) Can’t wait to see paintings in real life :)
We should do it together :)

The box for wet paintings is excellent idea :)