28 July 2011


A productive week in the studio! We are going on vacation very soon, and I've been happily working away knowing that a break is coming.

Earlier I had thought this one was finished - but this week I worked on it a bit more:


Hmmm ... not sure if I like these changes!

Another one of this type finished. Very minimal working in the raw canvas areas. I really like it:

mixed media on canvas
61w x 34.5h

Yesterday I stitched, stretched and began painting another photo-based work:

32.5w x 31.5h

Last task of the day is to pull out the oil paint & alkyd medium, don vapour-barrier mask & gloves, and do another glaze on the commission:

Glazed cobalt violet + white.
Next the sky will need more lights, and some hot orange-yellows glazed over the lower areas.

Then I quickly leave the studio! Next morning the fumes are almost entirely gone. I can do a glaze every second day - the plan is to finish by the end of August.

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